I had seen this thread on TER before I left for London. (Thanks Moody Steve for the heads up) When I got to London I looked for it in various stores without success.  When I was in Cobham to see Ray,  after the signing I strolled around town before taking the train back to London. I noticed a newstand store and I went in and found the magazine there. 

The gentleman behind the counter asked me if I had been down to see Ray and asked me how he was.  He went on to say that he worked for John Lodge many years ago and he was one of the nicest people he had ever met.  He commented how funny it is that John Lodge's home is named Tudor "Lodge".  He said he also worked in a bar at one time and Ray and Graeme used to come in there from time to time.  He said that he knew Graeme had moved to the US and that the "fourth guy"  had also moved away but he did not know where he had moved.  Not often you hear Justin referred to as the "fourth guy".  LOL